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 [Update] - The Donator System & More -

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PostSubject: [Update] - The Donator System & More -   Mon Aug 02, 2010 10:27 am

Hello Everyone,

First - Here is what You can expect to see This Week.

- Max Stat Item System. >> Yes. It will be Hard.
- Donator System >> Hence this Topic.
- A Proper Website >> Developed by NewEra and edited by Prio.
- [To Be Decided. Any Suggestions?]
- ForgottenStory Public Beta Release! >> We begin Advertisement!

Now, the Donator system!

- Donator Status -

For a Donation of $25 USD You will Recieve Donator Status.

Benefits of Donator Status:

- Acess To Donator Chat. A Hidden Means of In-Game Communication.
- Acess To Donator Commands
- #Buffme
- #Map
- #Warp [Does Not Work on GameMasters.]

- Donation Rewards -

For Every Dollar Donated, You Recieve one Donator Point.
These Points can be Spent on Verious Items and Rewards Via an Npc.

The Amount you Donated is Logged in the Database, And Players can see this via @Checkstats [player].

Any Total Donation of $75 or More, You get An Entire Npc Dedicated To Yourself
[For a Certain FGMS Feature.] [You decide what they Wear!]

~ Other Stuff

The Famous ForgottenStory Mascot - Crane - has Flown home from it's Journey.
Speak to Crane in the Fm / Henesys to be Taken to various useful locations!

Custom Training Grounds have been put into Place

- Note that Items dropped there May be very useful for Certain Etc Hunting Features -

Henesys Hunting Ground 1 - Level 1-70.
Henesys Hunting Ground 2 - Level 70-120
Henesys Hunting Ground 3 - Level 120-200.

Various Clocks, Trees and Crow's have taken over Free Market 1 - 4.

[These Levels are only Recommendations]

@buyNx is now Available! [1 Frog Leg for 3k Nx Cash]
The Leaf has been removed from every Monster Drop.
You may now Level Above level 9. >> Sorry About that <3

Well That's it!

We Are Always open to Suggestions!

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[Update] - The Donator System & More -
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