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 Refund appeal format

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PostSubject: Refund appeal format   Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:24 pm

--- Edited by Limitless ---

Firstly -

There are no Refunds for RollBacks.
There are no Refunds for being Scammed.

We Almost Always Give Refunds Caused directly by Faulty Coding / Npcs.
If your Major Donator Item was Rolled back we may Consider it.

Should you post in any thread in this Forum, it must be Either a Whitness or Something of High Importance.

Admin Rank or Higher Only may Approve your Appeal.

You have already agreed to these rules. <3

In order to get a refund you must give us information about what happened.
Simply, just follow the rules and format.

To make sure staff team will check your refund appeal you must use this tittle:
.  [Refund Appeal] - IGN.

Example: [Refund Appeal] - TobbixD

Now follow this format:

1. In game name:
2. What did you lose?:
3. How did you lose it?:
4. Any ScreenShots/Videos Related,

All Appeal Decisions can be OverRuled by Limitless or Prio.
Be Polite. Rudeness simply means a locked thread.
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Refund appeal format
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