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 Ban Appeal format

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PostSubject: Ban Appeal format   Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:13 pm

-- Edited By Limitless --

There are Three types of ban Appeals.

[1] Appeal for Second Chance.
[2] Mis Understood Ban
[3] Banned by An Admin

- Rules -

If you are not a Staff Member, and Reply to a Thread, It had better be for a good reason.
If you are Rude beyond Reason [Type 2/3] Your Appeal will be Rejected.

- Ban Appeal Format [1] -

- In game name:
- Staff Member that Banned You
- Ban reason:

- Explain in between 150-250 Words [In good English] -
- Why you did this
- Why you think you deserve another Chance
- An Apology if Neccecary.

- Ban Appeal Format [2] -

- In game name:
- Staff Member that Banned You
- Ban reason:

- Why the ban was Mis Understood
- Proof to your Theory [^]

- Ban Appeal Format [3] -

- In game name:
- Admin that Banned You
- Ban reason:

- An Explanation as to why you did this
- An extremely awesome Apology
- Throw in a Beg for Mercy <3

Note: If an Admin bans you for Hacking or anything Serious use format 1.

[1/3] Only an Admin can Accept
[2] Only the Gm that banned you can Accrpt

By following this tittle and format your ban appeal will be checked as soon as possible.

Note: Flaming at the staff team in your ban appeal thread may lower your chance to get an unban.
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Ban Appeal format
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