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 [Sneak Peak] ForgottenStory - The Beta Occupations

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PostSubject: [Sneak Peak] ForgottenStory - The Beta Occupations   Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:06 am

Hey Guys,
Just to Excite you some more, here are the Three beta Occupations.
(Two more will be added by the end of Beta)

Quote :

HardCore Gamer----------------------------------------
•They are the Serious No-Lifer. The Grindfest is their Favorite part of any game.

Challenge to Level-

Method Of Gaining Occupation Exp-

Base Rates-
Beta Rates -

• Additional Passive Skill
The Rebirth Handling Guy Knows all about You, and Charges Double <3

•Level One - The Upcoming Grindfest
-Exp Rate Increase. [20x]
-Exp Rate increases by 1x For every fame Recieved.

•Level Two - The Nib's Grindfest
-Exp Rate Increase. [60x]
-Passive No Longer Applies
- Exp Rate Increases 2x Per Fame

•Level Three - The Grindfest
-Exp Rate Increase. [100x]
-Exp Rate increases by 3x For every fame Recieved.
-You can now use @Kill [Player]
(3 Minute Interval)

•Level Four - The Skillful Grindfest
-Exp Rate Increase. [150x]
-You now recieve 4x Per Fame.

•Level Five - The Epic Grindfest
-Exp Rate Increase. [200x]
-You now recieve 5x Per Fame.
-You recieve One Extra Ap per Level!
~This Occupation Is Completely Coded Already.

Quote :

Mighty Craftsman
-The Mighty Craftsman are great Legends. They are well known for their ability to Create powerful Weapons.
Complete an Extremely Hard Quest
[Hunting & Epic Bossing]

•Method of Gaining Exp
-Creating Stuff

•Challenge to Level

•Base Rates

•Level One - The Beginning
- You may now make Basic Items.
Random Stats of [Str/Int/Dex/Luk]
Range (1-70)

Level Two - All Prev Ranges Double

•Level Three - Crafty 'Lil Fella
- You may now Craft Cool Items.
Random Stats of [Str/Int/Dex/Luk]
Range (1337)
Random Stats of Wep/Magic Atk
Range (50-300)

Level Four - Cool item Range Doubles

•Level Five - The Mighty Craftsman
You may Craft Max Stat Items -

-Condition One-
Two Stats Maxxed
3x The Normal Requirements

-Condition Two-
All Stats Maxxed
20 Fame

-Condition Three-
No Stats Maxxed
40 Votepoints
1337 Chickens [?]

Quote :

The Hobo

The Hobo is a Simple Occupation for the Simple People <3
He/She plays the game with no Extra Skills or Rates.

Just the way it is meant to be played <3

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[Sneak Peak] ForgottenStory - The Beta Occupations
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